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Former Super Eagles captain Austin Okocha has slammed Gernot Rohr for his poor tactical approach in Nigeria’s 2-0 defeat to Croatia in their opening game at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, reports Completesportsnigeria.com.

An own goal from Oghenekaro Eteno and a penalty from Luka Modric extended Nigeria’s winless streak in opening World Cup game to four.

Okocha who starred for Nigeria in three FIFA World Cups in 1994, 1998 and 2002 also faulted the team’s poor defending which led to the two goals conceded in each half.

“It was a decent first half but maturity was the edge the Croatian team had over the Nigerian team,” Okocha said on SuperSport, where he was a guest analyst, after the game.

“The Super Eagles got done by the movements of the Croatian team in their box. The Super Eagles midfielders were not doing their best both in defending and in attack.

“Eagles didn’t geg the best out of Alex Iwobi and Victor Moses because the manager was trying to accommodate Mikel Obi in the team.

“The manager didn’t earn his money today. We were not a threat in the first half and I was expecting him to play three at the back, five players in the midfield and two strikers to the team a chance to get back into the game.

“It is sad because I know we can do better than this. Of course there is still hope but we have to do it the hard way now.

“These (Croatians) are world class players who know how to win by exploiting little details.”

Okocha also blamed Rohr for deploying Mikel in the creative role.

“We didn’t have a creative player today,” the former Nigeria No.10 added. “Mikel has been a good servant to the national team. His best position is playing in front of the defence. We saw what he did playing for Chelsea where he had a glorious career.

“The most creative player in that team is Alex Iwobi but he was played on the flanks. He (Iwobi) can play on the flanks at Arsenal because they had better players in that role like Mesut Ozil.

“The reason why we lost was because we played our best players out of their positions.

“Playing Mikel in that position didn’t help Moses and Iwobi on the flanks.”

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  75. Thanks Karen, I browse pastel websites and bookmarked yours awhile ago as I enjoy your ‘seemingly’ quick and easy pastel work. I come back every now and then to see what you’ve added and I saw your comment and the quote from Vincent. You’re absolutely right about the fear of failure, I notice it too often in myself when painting, or should I say ‘not painting’. I plan to print this page to remind me to keep trying.

  76. I had mine done about 2 years ago – it was like having a face lift as I had the end done higher than the natural line, only problem is that some people with oily skin do not 'take' the tattoo and it fades after a couple of months. Had it done 3 times in the following month but it would not take so I have very feirnt tatoo lines – still makes it quick to pencil in over them though as it is already mapped out!Your look amazing! Wish mine had stayed!

  77. Gorgeous!! I love this line, too, Ashley…I'm working with right now for one of my DTs. I find myself sitting and staring at all the papers…not wanting to cut any of it! It's all so gorgeous. I love how you used the sunburst, and the stitching is the perfect touch! Great pics, too!

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  85. Wes, as usual it's only their victims who long for peacemindrider, trying to morally educate the people murdering you is not only a betrayal of your own people, but it's a losing propositionnoboat1, indeededward cline, sadly the israeli leadership is as defective as its american and european counterparts but with less room for error

  86. Good blog. You make a lot of good points in. Its all laughably true. Though there is one thing I wanted to point out in the names you exampled; the name Marc, spelled as such is of French origin. That spelling has been around for a long time. Either way though, Marc is still a better name than Apple or Blanket. I got lucky, I got one of the common Greek names (ironically I’m Dutch), Gregory.

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  105. looks great! – i'm curious though, because from the photo it looks like you've been able to print *just* the red letters; there doesn't appear to be any of the "transparent" bits of transfer showing, ie. at the edges or the bits between the letters – usually you can see where the "clear" transfer bits are on the garment, but on your pics there appears to be none – only plump, juicy red letters. is it just good photography? 🙂 cheers!

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  107. Honestly, I have heard that same statement a hundred times in my life, and the wrongness of it didn't really hit me until you broke it down just now. I guess I've become so used to it that I haven't bothered to question it anymore (though in every other aspect, I'm a pretty strong opponent of homosexual stigma in the black community). Thanks for the wake-up call. My head almost popped off reading that "gay men can't donate blood indefinitely" part. I'm definitely signing the petition.

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  111. the code cannot be accepted when I tried to post. I would love to have the badge on my blog–any ideas on how to get it to work?(I am Masto Mama Chronicles on the list)I have a chronically ill child too-he has systemic mastocytosis. I love the idea of Laughter Lives–because we all need that to get through the hard stuff! Thanks for thinking of it and including us all in it!

  112. Big ups and love to Full Hundred<3 Much thanks for sharing your music, message, and vibe. This album is layered so sweetly taking us from soul grabbing riddims into total universal enlightenment through lyrics. It is a such a mover and I absolutely love the musically diverse ride that state of affairs takes me on. Cant wait to rock at the show on the 17th!! Blessings!!

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    • Wow that was odd. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

  116. I'm going to try this for paper mache. I'd put it in a small crock pot or on a low temp heating element to keep it liquid but I bet it would work…and my hands won't get cold dipping the paper bits.

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  119. I thank both of you for your words of encouragement. This blog has been a wonderful place for me to learn, and just watch others comment, and share were they are on there journey. I can not explain what the book of Enoch has done to my life, the questions it has answered, and more that I have. It is so good to see this blog growing, and everyone putting in there two cents. Shalom Michael

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  133. I figured that a dishonest culture won't have any problems choosing whatever view fits it most in any situation.But the twist is that the Arab-Invaders-of-Israel (AKA Palestinians) like to say that they've built the country for us, because there were many Arab construction workers at some point (that is until they started murdering their employers, and the industry responded by bringing workers from eastern Europe, and the far east), so I thought the same argument can be used against them, for fun's sake.

  134. Allez, pour vous aidez, Marion, dans la récolte des 100 commentaires, et surtout pour vous féliciter pour le beau travail artistique, humoristique et de recherche/référencement des informations!Bravo!(Et les rabajois qui comprennent pas que tout ça n’est que pour se marrer ben ils peuvent aller poster leur commentaires ailleurs…)

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